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Automotive Solutions
Welcome to TI Automotive, leading manufacturer of automotive and diversified Pushrods. TI Automotive is the world’s leading supplier of fluid storage, transfer and delivery systems including brake, fuel and air conditioning applications.

Cutting & Deburring Tubing
The Hillsdale System Plant performs numerous fabricating operations including the cutting & deburring of heavy wall tube applications.

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Heavy Wall Tubing
TI Automotive manufactures all of the heavy wall tube at one of our North American process plants that is then shipped to our Hillsdale system plant for fabrication.

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Aftermarket Pushrods
TI Automotive (formerly Bundy Tubing Corp.) has a very strong customer base. Please review our cross reference listing of current and aftermarket pushrods.

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Leading manufacturer of Automotive & Aftermarket pushrods for over 30 years at our Hillsdale location. We provide quality pushrods at a competitive price.

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